All Stars District 1 Games Kick Off the Week of 6/21/21!


Click to view master schedule on the D1 website (browse to week of June 21, 2021)

Friday, Jun 25, 2021 6:00PM - 8:00PM

District 1 Opening Ceremonies & annual Skills Competition @ Scalzi Park

Teams will be competing in the following events:

* Around the horn throwing relay
* Four base running relay
* Outfield relay throw
* Home Run Derby

Congratulations to the 2021 All Stars* Managers Named on 5/9/21:

12U: Jason Dube
11U: Mickey Docimo
10U: Matt Orsaia

.... And Congratulations to Our 2021 All Stars*!!

12U All Stars Team 11U All Stars Team 10U All Stars Team
Ferenc Adam Matt Aiello JD Albrecht
Matthew Brucker Nicholas DiBlasio Zach Britt-Friedman
Michael Coppola Jake Docimo Theodore Diamond
Evan DeMarco Michael Ferro Austin Dube
Dylan Depree Darren King Matthew Ferro
Aidan Dube Joseph Melton Kaiden Jack
Kelsey Jack Josias Mills-Hidalgo Cole Karwosky
Andrew Leonard Christian Noto Christian Liberti
Luke Mannello Chase O'Loughlin Michael Orgera
John Meehan Michael Ovsag Matthew Orsaia
Harry Morton Nicholas Ovsag Ryder Palange
Tommy Nanos Ryan Philion Vihaan Patel
Brandon Vargas Michael Zinicola Jack Patterson

* Managers were named on 5/9/21 and voting for players took place on 5/23/21. 
Teams were created using the procedures stated in the Stamford American Little League By-Laws in the "About SALL" section of our website. 
The Deadline to submit player applications was May 16, 2021. NOTE: applications do not a guarantee a spot on any All Stars team.
Majors division players are eligible for the 11U and 12U teams. AAA and Majors players are eligible also for the 10U.
Players can only play up based on their Little League Age.
At the time of submitting an application, parents must also have filed our commitment letter
which certifies that your player will be present for all practices and games during the Tournament period.
View the application, commitment letter and details here (for reference only as the application period has closed).

Please email [email protected] with any questions or to indicate interest in managing a friendship team
for our younger players and for players looking for a more relaxed summer baseball experience.
Registration for summer Friendship Baseball is still open- click here to register and for more information about the program.

2020 All Stars Tournament Information

All-Star 2020 games kicked off on 8/26/20 with a decisive 9-2 win by our 10U team over Stamford National.
Way to go team! View all the standings here.

View the complete schedule for our 10U, 11U and 12U teams 

IMPORTANT: Note the Following COVID-19 Protocol In Place for this Year's Tournament

We have several games at SALL's field at Vine Road (Gene Caporizzo Field). Please note that there will be strict COVID-19 safety guidelines in placeas detailed below. Please make sure that you, your family and your player(s) adhere to these to ensure we have a fun, safe and smoothly running tournament.


* We are limited to 100 people at the complex including players, coaches and umpires.  We are asking that only one family member attend the games to help us stay in compliance. 

* All fans MUST wear a mask at all times while at the complex. 

* Players will be required to wear a mask when not on the field of play or at bat.  If your child is participating, PLEASE make sure they have their face covering with them or they will not be allowed to play or be allowed into the dugout- this is a MUST. 

Remember to practice social distancing while at the complex.

* You are required to self check you and your child before attending any game or practice.  A temperature of 100.4 means you need to stay home, your child included. 

* Any symptoms of the seasonal flu (influenza) you must stay away from the fields and quarantine yourself and anyone you may have exposed.  Any questions please refer to the CDC and State of Connecticut Guidelines on their respective websites. 

* The CT Travel Advisory for those returning to CT from out of state is still in effect and requires a quarantine period if you have visited any of the states/territories on the list (current list is here).

Local Sponsors

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Phone: 203-539-1709

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