SALL Field and Facility Improvements

SALL Field & Facility Improvements

We're always busy making upgrades to our fields and facilities to provide the best experience for our players and their families and friends. Just a few of the enhancements made recently are listed below.

2021 Improvements Made to Date:

Northrop Field- 2021

- The snackbar was renovated and reopened after approx. 5 years to generate an additional revenue stream for SALL- repairs
   included fixing the water supply and window.
- The dugouts and outsides of the snackbar were painted

Vine Road Field- 2021

- Installed non-slip treads on press box stairs
- Fixed broken door

2020 Improvements Made:

Vine Road Field- 2020

- The entire facility, from the snack bar to the insides of the dugout, was painted and is looking fantastic!
- Home/Visitor signs were added to the sides of both dugouts
- Fencing was repaired
- Picnic tables were washed and refinished
- Press box stairs were fixed, washed and refinished
- Several doors / door frames were replaced 
- Bathroom door was repaired
- New SALL signage over snackbar
- Major brush was cleared

Batting cage & bullpen improvements: 

- Soil was completely turned over
- Remaining weeds were removed
- New process was installed for batters and pitchers to avoid slipping

Northrop Field- 2020

- The snack bar door was replaced in preparation for additional improvements to be made in 2021
- Home/Visitor signs were placed on the dugouts to standardize with the other fields

Kane Field- 2020

- New bleachers were placed at the field
- Home/Visitor signs were placed on the dugouts to standardize with the other fields
- Trees hanging over Larry Miller Field sign over visitor dugout were trimmed
- The storage shed was replaced
- Locks were added to secure fields from unauthorized access
- New latches were added to the dugout doors
- The batting cage was repaired

Davenport Fields- 2020

- A new SALL sign was added to the backstop fencing

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