Annual Yearbook

The SALL Yearbook Has Returned in 2021!

Distribution is Ongoing*- See Details Below


2015-2021 SALL yearbooks 
(no book was published in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic) 

ALL spring players automatically get a FREE copy
(there was no need to pre-order the book)- DON'T MISS OUT! 

Full Distribution Plan
As each book costs us around $5 and many hours to produce, we want to ensure that EACH AND EVERY
player- all 261 of them from our 2021 Spring Season- gets their FREE copy.

Remaining Pickup Dates
During the remainder of summer, yearbooks will be available by arranging for pickup
by calling Rebecca Docimo, Information Officer using the SALL main phone number (203) 539-1709
or by emailing [email protected]

Yearbooks will also be available for pickup during designated fall games-
emails will be sent to announce these and any future pickup dates. 
We have yearbooks sorted by division/team and marked with each player's name for efficient pickup.

* Our first 3 pickup dates were held 7/14 & 7/15 4:30-6PM and 7/24 10-12PM at the Kane Ave. Field parking lot

Pickup on Alternative Dates:  
For players not able to collect their yearbooks at the formal pickup dates, families can make arrangements to pickup from Rebecca Docimo, Information Officer, at another time (call the SALL phone number 203-539-1709 to make arrangements), or team staff may be asked to help distribute them. Any books not distributed will be saved and kept at the Vine Rd. snackbar for later pickup or for mailing.

We think parents, players and team staff alike will truly enjoy the yearbook, and
we can't wait to get the book into everyones' hands!

Photo Contributions

Thank you families and team staff for the hundreds of amazing photos received!
While we cannot use every single photo, we sincerely appreciate your help
and will be making ALL photos available for parents and teams in a SALL photo repository
this summer. We will also be opening a general photo upload system that will be open year round
for you to upload photos to the repository at your leisure. The 2022 yearbook photo submission system will
open right before the season begins.

Thank you SALL families and to our supporters for your ad purchases-
these have helped cover nearly 100% of the cost of the yearbook's production!
Ad sales help us keep the book 100% FREE for players. We appreciate your support!

About the SALL Yearbook

We produce the book annually and every Spring Season player receives a FREE copy! Players will receive the book at the conclusion of the season- either at the AAA/Majors Awards Banquet / lower level closing ceremonies or during our summer season as designated pickup times/locations.

Players love receiving this book to look back on the season. Our older players love to look at past books to see how they and their team mates have changed. Our younger players enjoy seeing themselves and their baseball friends. Our graduates enjoy being honored. Visual display and text ads are available for purchase after Opening Day to offer your special player(s) words of encouragement and congratulations and help cover the costs of producing the book.

Some Items Included in the Book Are:

* Team photos grouped by division with the players' names listed
* Candid Photos taken from throughout the spring season
* 2 ad types which help us cover the production costs for the book:
Dedications / best wishes for your player(s) via our Dollar Line Ads &
Visual display ads dedicated to players/teams or company ads
* Special recognition of our graduating 12 year olds
* Post-season update from the SALL President
* Acknowledgement of the current Board of Directors
* Listing of current team/banner sponsors
* Recognition of any special happenings during the season,
such as a SALL All Star team winning our division/state/region
* NEW: announcement of our All Stars teams
* NEW: recognition of our Spring Season champions
* NEW: coverage of our AAA/Majors Awards Banquet and
any other closing ceremonies for which we have photos

*We will use as many contributed photos as we can that meet minimum print requirements,
however we cannot guarantee that any specific photo submitted will be included in the yearbook. We thank you for your understanding.

Local Sponsors

Stamford American Little League

1127 High Ridge Road, #337
Stamford, Connecticut 06905

Phone: 203-539-1709

Email: [email protected]