Volunteer at the Vine Snack Bar - Weekend Games Only

In order to make the snack bar as successful as possible, we need your help!

The snack bar will only be open during weekend games at Vine Road.  

Each home team for each weekend game at Vine Road is asked to provide parent volunteers to staff the snack bar. 

A few notes regarding staffing:

  • Only 1 parent needs to staff the snack bar during each designated home game.  Teams may also to split snack bar duty (2 parents, 3 innings each).  Siblings are also permitted to volunteer, but the minimum age is 12. 

  • Contact your Team Manager or Team Parent to find out when you can help at the Snack Bar.   

If a home team is unable to secure staffing for the snack bar during their designated games, the snack bar will not be open. 

Thank you for your cooperation in making this important fundraising opportunity a success for our league.  

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Don't Forget - The Snack Bar Window is the Best Seat in the House! 
The view of the game is great!


Snack Bar Info

Thank you for volunteering to staff the Snack Bar during the 2019 season. The following are a few tips to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

All food items are grab-and-go.

No cooking necessary!

Everything is priced in whole-dollar denominations.

A nominal amount of money is provided to make change.

When an item is sold, please mark it off the provided inventory sheet and keep money in the lock box.

Stamford American Discount Cards are available for purchase at the Snack Bar. Money from discount cards ($15 each) should be kept separately in the envelope located in the lockbox.

Please surface clean the counter and other surfaces with cleaning products stored under the sink at the end of your shift.

If you are staffing the last scheduled game of the day, either Bill Brucker or Jason Dube from SALL will collect all money at the conclusion of your shift.

Thank You for Supporting Stamford American!

Local Sponsors

Stamford American Little League

1127 High Ridge Road, #337
Stamford, Connecticut 06905

Phone: 203-539-1709

Email: [email protected]