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Summer 2020 District 1 Tournament Teams

We are extremely appreciative of the efforts of all our volunteers, families and players for each of their roles in making this year’s Summer 2020 season a success.   As the 2020 Summer Season nears its conclusion, Stamford American LL is preparing for the District 1 Tournament (aka “All-Stars”). 

The following letter was emailed to all 2020 Summer AAA / Majors Participants to determine which players would like to be considered for placement on a Tournament Team.  Players will be selected for the Tournament Teams in accordance with the applicable SALL Guidelines for All-Star Teams.

If you are interested in having your child / children considered for a Tournament Team and can adhere to the required commitments above,  please indicate your interest by completing the following online form by 9 PM on Wednesday, July 29th.   

If applicable, please create a separate form for each player.  This form may only be completed / submited by a player's parent or legal guardian. 

Click here for the form to have your child considered for a Tournament Team

Click here for a PDF of the following letter emailed on 7-26

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