SALL Spring Champions

2019 Champions

Majors Champion -  Katchko & Sons Construction
AAA Champion - JMC Consulting

2018 Champions
Mackenzie's AAA Champions & Beldotti Bakery Majors Champions

2017 Champions
VAS AAA Champions & Futura Majors Champions

2016 Champions
Beldotti Bakery AAA Champions & PAL Majors Champions 

AAA Schedule 
& Majors Schedule (2016 is the last schedule posted in our former league management system)

2015 Champions
Instant Replay Majors Champions & Beldotti Bakery AAA Champions

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2014 Champions
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2013 Champions
Rubino Majors Champions

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Send your photos of Majors or AAA Championship photos from previous years to [email protected] 

2014, 2015 & 2016 Stats listed below from our former league management system:

2016 Majors Stats:  

2016 AAA Stats: 

2015 Majors Stats:  

2015 AAA Stats:  

2014 Majors Stats 

2014 AAA Stats 

Local Sponsors

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Stamford, Connecticut 06905

Phone: 203-539-1709

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